Delightfully Unsettling

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The style of writing is puts the reader in the middle of a conversation between what seems to ,immediately be, two very dangerous men. These men know each other but the reader only gets shadows of information to fill in what we do not know. What do we know, there is a girl of great interest and importance and she must be protected. One of the men,Tristan is the most intent and fixated on the girl, seems to be there in a protective manner. As the story goes, Tristan seems to have an affection for the girl that is yet to be determined by their story. The uneasiness of the story revolves around, Tristan needs to assassinate her but he also needs her due to she being the Rosetta Stone to discovering his past. Should Tristan kill her because she knows too much about who he is and what he's done or should Tristan save her, love her, protect her to discover exactly who he is? The struggle is real.