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Not for everyone, but it worked for me!

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I was super hyped for this because it about a black woman in her 20s making her way through life so I expected some relatability here. This wasn't as relatable as I'd hoped because to put it simply, Queenie is a mess.

For one, her self-esteem is ABYSMAL. if you think you have low self-esteem I guarantee Queenie has it worse because the way she lets people treat her, specifically men there's some serious self-hate going on there. After her break up she decides to seek out solace by having sex with random men. But not just any random men, men who degrade her and fetishize her for her race. Every time she even looks at one of these guys you want to yell it her! And her ex is no shining catch either, although the book shows how they both made mistakes in their relationship, and trust me Queenie made mistakes, his were worse and uh racist.

For these reasons alone, not to mention all the stuff she deals with with her job and her friends. I can understand why others might not like this. A lot of the decisions Queenie makes were truly baffling, but I really liked it? Queenie, as mentioned, is incredibly flawed but she felt very realistic to me, and I really enjoyed that. I also really enjoyed the topics the book brought up. At one point Queenie starts having panic attacks and develops anxiety, and the book talks about the stigma mental illness has especially in a Jamaican immigrant community.