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This book is addictive and beautifully written. I fell in love with Queenie’s personality from the moment i opened the book. She is witty and passionate and has such a beautiful soul. I reread it recently and I loved her and this book just as much if not more. I’m not Jamaican so I’m not going to try and pretend to know what it’s like to be Jamaican, but I found this to be refreshing compared to the frighteningly little bit of other Jamaican representation I’ve come across.

Queenie is a twenty-five-year-old Jamaican British women who lives in London and works for a newspaper. Queenie is stuck. After being dumped by her long-term boyfriend, Queenie tries to fill the void with a series of irresponsible sexual encounters. She has an eclectic group of three friends she leans on heavily for support in a group chat she calls the corgis. She encounters racism on the dating scene and at work where she tries to pitch Black Lives Matter articles and struggles with an extremely painful past that readers don’t get a full picture of until much later in the book. This book focuses on her struggles to maintain her mental health as well as keep up with expectations at her job where she is the only woman of color and her grandparents.