Great Launching Point for Prospective Sci-Fi Authors

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This book was a great compendium of pieces to assist writers in understanding the science behind so many of the science fiction elements we so dearly love. The authors collect works on biology, astrophysics, chemistry, engineering, and medicine, making it an incredibly useful resource for authors who lack a strong background in science. In fact, even those with strong science backgrounds could find great use from this book, because it covers so many different topics. No scientist is an expert in every field (a trope that is often found in many science fiction books and films!) While this book is not the definitive expert on every science topic found in media, I think it is a great launching point for authors to begin researching topics that are of big interest in both fiction and our real world. I think that many writers could find great use in this book, and I imagine many additional books could be published as science and our world changes. Very interesting read.