Tragically beautiful

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This book was magnificent. The story line along with captivating, thought-provoking and incredibly moving. but when you put into account the amazing metaphors and overall description of the events written by the author, it takes this book to a whole new level. The explicit scenes in the book took me a little by surprise. There’s graphic depiction of sex and drugs. However I do believe that these We’re important to not only tell his story but to make it meaningful. I am not a man- but as a queer black woman, I truly connected with this book. The author wrote his words in such a descriptive way that even if you relate to him in no such way you will still feel the traumatic pain and emotional distress that he describes in his memoir.The back-and-forth from modern day to his past life brings about a really good circle of how all of these things have affected him. I additionally loved the roundabout continuous mentions of “holding the suitcase close“ I cannot say more how beautiful this book was. Definitely a reread