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This book had me going through so many emotions anger , sadness, laughter. it was very straight with no chaser account of the author's journey of being gay and of color during a time when it was not accepted. I enjoyed the chapters of atuan and how he tied them to his history. i do not typically read memoris or autobiograpies , but this book i thought was an intresting read. This book was intense. The loneliness and despair was palpable. the book is split into parts , which begin with Broome's thoughts and analysis of a father/son interactions he witnesses on a bus and how this relates to his own experiences. The writing is beautiful and poetics and makes you experience joy , sadness , laughter , and empathy for the experiences of LGBT people growing up in a small town in America. this deubt memoir will break your heart , make you laugh and cry. I would recommend this book for people to read and experience what i did.