Heavy Read, But Worth It

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Broome and I are both from Ohio, but we are from very different Ohios. This memoir does not beat around the bush with things. It’s raw, honest, and Broome doesn’t hold back from what are harsh realities. However, he still handles the individuals in the books as the situation requires. He doesn’t sugarcoat but also isn’t needlessly harsh. It’s one everyone needs read, especially by those who don’t have the lived experiences he does. I’m usually big on memoirs but the way Broome tells his story in a series of essays is very effective. Broome has already won several honourable mentions and awards for his writing and its clear to see why. The writing makes you confront all the things happening. There’s not a way to run or hide from it. It truly makes you have to think and ponder each situation. My only critique is that by the end it does feel occasionally a little repetitive.