Harsh Reality of Minorities

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jade baez Avatar


First of all the cover of the book is not that attractive but I do understand that this book was meant to emphasize Brian’s childhood traumas.
Overall, the memoir was well-written with the chapters being interrupted continuously by a present-memory story that reflects how Brian knows the life that the little colored child will get.
The book’s intention is to let people know that diverse black men have it rough in society. They can’t express themselves and therefore evolve insecurities that can lead to a stressful life.
I was sobbing in about 70% of the book because it made me realize how people in general are afraid to express their true selves and the missing encouragement or support could really do harm.
I am grateful to have given this knowledge because somehow it made me more humble knowing that there is always someone that has it worse than you.
To Brian, the author, I hope you are loving the best life wether that be in France or in any part of the world. I am proud of you!👏