Deep and Poignant

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This was brilliant. I listened to this on audio as well. I love this memoir and how it was written. Brian tells a captivating story of growing up a gay, Black man in Ohio. He ventures on to discuss his upbringing specifically as a Black man and Black boy and the how him being gay fit into that picture.

I found the writing to be very moving and real. I loved the nonlinear timeline where Brian didn't tell his life story in order. He focused on monumental moments, in his life, and the significance of those to his development. While doing this, he is telling his own present day observation of Tuan, a little boy on the bus. Definitely recommend and definitely worth the read! It was a fairly quick read also, but it kept me going from start to finish. I love how it is so fitting in today's society and Broome makes it a point to start and end with the real world context and philosophy behind his writing.