I Wish for More....

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I am an avid lover of fantasy retelling's, I loved the idea of a retelling of Rapunzel, In the book we meet Selestra, a witch that is bound to follow in her mothers foot steps and serve the king as his witch. Enter in Nox, someone who hates the witches and everything they stand do. The characters were nice overall but, I felt that they could have been built better, it was like the characters weren't thought out that well, the idea of them was there, but they weren't memorable, the didn't stand out to me.

As a retelling of a classic princess story, I was hoping for more from it, the premise of the story loved it, A world of magic and oaths, of immortality, mortality, of adventure, and heroics. A series that captures what I was hoping to get from this book is The Four Kingdoms Series by Melanie Cellier her retelling's of the classic princess stories had great depth and character building, they were what I was hoping the princess of souls would have been like.

I did enjoy this book, not as much as I had hoped. It’s not fair to say the book was bad because it was a nice read. The supporting cast definitely carried the book for me, I’d love to read more about them. But in general the book gets a 3 star from me.

Thanks to Bookish first for sending me an ARC copy of this book to review!