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I loved the fantasy novel Princess of Souls by Alexandra Christo. It was a great read. I decided to read it because it sounded intresting. I also chose to read this novel because I love retellings. I really love the cover too it's what caught my attention and pulled me in. The book starts off slow but slowly starts to get intresting a couple chapters in. Three important characters in this book are the heir Selestra Somniatis, Seryth king of the Six Isles, sand Officer Nox Laederic of Thánatos regiment. Officer Nox Laederic is the king's favorite. Also King Serth had been trying to conquer Southerisle Polemistes is the only one left not bowing down to king after he killed their king. When Officer Nox goes to make the bargain with the king his prediction shows his, and Selestra Somniatis death. I hope you enjoy reading this book I sure did.