Great world building and storyline!

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This is such a great book and entertaining read! The plot and storyline are (loosely) inspired by the Rapunzel fairytale. I say loosely because there is a witch, tower, and hair. The plot is otherwise very original. Princess of Souls stands alone as a fantasy and is NOT a fairytale retelling. The characters play their parts in the story, but I feel like they lack depth. Irenya and Micah could have been left out of the story entirely for what little they added. I felt like maybe they were forgotten about and just randomly added in to remind you that they exist. Selestra is actually ok for a main heroine. She learns a lot about herself and her world and really comes into her own. I love the banter between her and Nox. There are some really funny and witty moments because of Selestra’s humor which was definitely a pro. The world building is amazing and I love how it leaves room for potential new stories! The cover art and map artwork is beautiful. Overall I love the book and recommend it as a YA fantasy. I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.