Exceeded Expectations

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I was worried that because I haven't read Christo's previous book that I wouldn't find this as enjoyable or be able to understand it as well, but I had no troubles enjoying this book. I had no trouble understanding this story or the world.

I loved this dark retelling of Rapunzel, it has more loosely based than I was expecting, but there was enough references and parallels to the original story to earn it's major selling point.

Selestra is a well rounded character with proper motivation. Her arc was good and it fit the story. Nox is the main love interest and I found him a bit annoying. He was cocky and not in the lovable Flynn Rider way, this could be because I couldn't hear the tone of voice he was using or see his facial expressions. I did really love the side characters too. They were great and added what the story would've been lacking otherwise.

The plot was well paced and was only aided by the unique magic system. It was definently worth the read.

However I do see some of the problems with this book and would give it a 4.5 if I had that choice, but 5 stars is fair enough considering that I read this in two days.