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I liked this YA fantasy book that was filled with magic and adventure. It was fast-paced, and the author did a good job balancing out the world-building with the progression of the storyline. The best part about this book was the magic, by far. Of course, if you have read her previous books, you know she a has a talent for creative magic systems. At first, it seems like all Selestra can do is read people's souls and know when and how they are going to die, but as the book progresses you learn that there is so much more to her powers. On the other hand, you also come to realize just how awful the current twisted relationship between the King and her family really is. I wish we had seen more of what Selestra could do, but the author leaves a lot of that open-ended. Nox and Selestra had a good relationship journey that wasn't filled with too many miscommunications along the way. It also felt like they had room and time to grow into their feelings and get to know one another which I always prefer to insta-love. Overall, it was good book.