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This was a fun read! I'd enjoyed To Kill A Kingdom, so I was super excited when I heard this took place in the same world. Other than maybe one reference, they didn't cross, but it was still fun to spend time there. Like in To Kill A Kingdom, I wanted more power in the romance. I liked it in both books, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel the connection between the characters, not just be told that it existed.

Despite that, I really enjoyed the magic system in this one. While not super different than the systems in other YA fantasies, it was still fun. It was neat to see Selestra being different than the normal people, it made her "evil" characterization so much easier to believe.

I also liked the side characters. They didn't get a ton of page time, but they were sweet. I'm hoping that if Christo keeps writing in this world, she hints at these characters, they have so much more potential. I really liked this one!