Amazing story!

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I will definitely read this book again and recommend it to others. I love how the characters are written and shown through the words. The character development is much better than many of the other books I have read and is not seen as forced. The plot takes many twists and turns that I could not even imagine. I love how the story ends and I hope we get to see Selesrta grow into the queen she is. I like the idea of gods in this book but it did get kind of confusing on who was who. It was great to see Nox find exactly what he was looking for and I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Everything was described perfectly and it felt like I was really in the book. In a way this story is kind of like the movie frozen because of the use of gloves and learning how to control their powers. All in all this book is amazing and I hope more people read it to experience all the tension I did.