A New Go-To

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I had put off reading To Kill a Kingdom for years. Despite the excellent reviews, I have always been cautious with fairy tale retellings. There are really only so many ways to say the girl and the boy fall in love despite the odds against them, right?


Alexandra Christo is nothing short of incredible. She paints characters who are distinctive and human despite their physical abnormalities. Enemies-to-lovers is rarely so satisfying. Especially once you start factoring in secondary characters who jump off the pages and into your heart. For bring stand alones, her novels have been very enriching. I can't say they are entirely unpredictable or absurd, but any detractors are far outweighed by the beauty of her stories.

In this, it took some bluntness to tie the connections to Rapunzel. Long hair, tower- sure. I have read lots of stories that are not Rapunzel based that rely heavily on the same. Fortunately, the connections run deeper as the story wears on. As always, an unexpected delight. Especially for fans of tongue-in-cheek banter.