A fun Rapunzel retelling

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Princess of Souls by Alexandra Christo is the story of Selestra, a Somniatis Witch in the making to King Seryth of the Six Isles. It is Selestra’s duty and heritage to serve the king in his continued journey for immortality. Through her witch training she meets Nox, and unexpectedly ends up on a quest of her own to find her true path.
One of the things I liked about Princess of Souls was the pacing. Unfortunately, it took me a lot longer to finish this book than I anticipated, so when I was able to pick the book up, it was very easy to jump back into the story. I also really liked the friendship between Selestra and Irenya. I will always have a soft spot for authors who write meaningful, caring and supportive relationships between girls and women. But I think my favorite part of the book was Selestra’s quest. She showed vulnerability and extreme bravery in times of crisis, even when she was scared.
Overall, Princess of Souls was enjoyable. I am a big fan of retellings and this Rapunzel remake was a fresh and new spin on the fairy tale.