A dark, beautifully written YA fantasy

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I really enjoyed reading Princess of Souls, a dark YA fantasy very loosely based on the Rapunzel story. The story follows Selestra, a teenage witch, the descendant of a line of witches in thrall to the tyrannical, immortal king Seryth. Her mother foretells deaths and feeds souls to the evil Seryth, so that he can maintain his immortality. The story starts with Selestra imprisoned in her castle tower, timid and resigned to her fate forced to serve Seryth, once her mother dies.
Then she meets Nox, a soldier in the King's army who is driven to avenge his father, who was killed by Seryth. Together Selestra and Nox embark on a journey to destroy the king they despise.
The story was fast paced and full of adventure. I was hooked the entire time and couldn't put the book down. The world building was vivid and immersive. I was intrigued by the dark, horrifying magic system. Selestra and Nox begin their journey as hostile adversaries but, united in their dangerous quest, grow to care for one another. I enjoyed following Selestra as she grows fierce and powerful. The side characters Micah and Irenya are also well developed. The witty banter among the foursome is a lot of fun.
Princess of Souls is an imaginative and beautifully written adventurous fantasy.