This was good!

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This was a solid 4 for me. The story of a queer, black prince and his quest to find himself and love while also dealing with the harsh realities of social and economical differences was so enjoyable. The author really sold the location, emotions and love story of Prince Jadon and Reiss. This would have been a 5 star for me if there had been just a bit more of Prince Jadon seeing the struggles that Reiss actually dealt with so that he could fully understand why Reiss felt like an outsider. It wasn’t explored and it was a missed opportunity for even more growth and character development. I say this because Reiss feeling like an outsider was so pivotal to his character and how can Prince Jadon really truly and fully understand it if he never bears witness to the things, both actions and words, that make Reiss feel this way? However the side characters are well rounded and developed and I genuinely adored Reiss’s family. Kudos