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Thanks you Penguin Teen and Bookishfirst for the ARC, these opinions are my own! My first Julian Winters ARC!!! I’ve loved every one of Julian’s books and I think I have a new favorite!! Prince Jadon has just been banished to America by his father for being caught on camera saying some not so great things about a prominent political figure from his country. But his father doesn’t really know the true story and Jadon won’t acknowledge it either. So he begins school in America, knowing he’ll do what needs to be done to get back home, he just has to win his people over. He’s determined to keep his distance from his schoolmates. But he will absolutely not fall for an American boy, handsome not at all impressed by the Prince Reiss, is going to test that determination. Can he win over is country? Will he always disappoint his parents? Jadon misses the family he used to have before his dad became King. Since his sister, the Crown Princess, has joined him in America he gets to see her regularly but before this he hardly even saw her or his parents. He was lonely, especially after a public breakup and a betrayal. There are so many pressures on him as one of a few black princes in the world and also the first openly queer prince of Iles de la Reverie. It’s easier to keep a distance but Reiss breaks all his resolve. And all the American friends he meets that show him standing and fighting for something might just the him he really is. Can he figure out who he is? Will he be able to impress his people? Can he help his parents see he is more than just Prince Jadon? A quick read that so sweet and cute you won’t be able to put it down! It’ll melt your heart! Reiss and Jadon are but so cute not to mention all their quirky and fun loving friends! I also loved the dynamics between the Prince and Princess and their royal guards! Heartwarming and swoonworthy!!! Instantly after finishing my heart felt so happy, a Julian Winters specialty! Also if you pay attention you might see some familiar characters! And of course familiar names, another thing I love about Julian’s books! Like all of Julian’s books a must read!