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I read this book on NetGalley and was so confused with what I was reading. Hear are my thoughts on this book...

As I always do, I requested random books on NetGalley based on their covers and this was one. I didn’t even read what this book was about so I went in blindly.

I will say that this is such an interesting one and I feel most people wouldn’t enjoy. You honestly need to be the read reader and be set in the right mood.

Learning and reading about these beauty icons and how they have become the people we know them as.

I was honestly so confused with all this. I know absolutely nothing about beauty routines so therefore this book wasn’t for me personally.

However, I did find some moments in here interesting and I did want to finish it. I just wasn’t connected to it all. I definitely wasn’t the right reader for this.

This book may or may not be for you. I still had a decent time with it.