Great young adult novel!

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The character development in this novel is superb! I started this book out hating Jo. She was miserable and whiny, and while some bad things did happen to her, the way she looked down on other people was terrible. In a way, I related to her, as I also lost my dad in high school and had half siblings that were both more than 10 years younger than me. I understand the sadness and the loneliness that she went through and trying to fit in with a completely new family. However, there is nothing worse than a girl who says she doesn't like other girls. I'm so glad the author gave her strong female friends by the end of the novel that proved this mindset wrong, because it always is.

The one thing I'm disappointed about with this novel was that there was no conclusion with what happened with Jen. Obviously if Jen accepted Jo's apology, there would have been a lot they needed to work through, but there was just nothing. Jo left her the poster she made, and we never got to see what happened after that.