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Jo Beckett is the high school wrestling team manager. Even after her father's unexpected death, she stayed because she's learned tips, moves, and statistics from her dad who was the wrestling coach. But somehow after, likely due to the trauma and looking for love from a boy, she unknowingly became the team's practice girl where she gets passed around and used sexually, but the boys didn't want a relationship with her. Until she finds out the hard way. Sam is on the team and is supposed to be Jo's best friend, but she finds out he's known what the team calls her and never stood up for her nor told her about it.

After taking time off away from Sam and the team to figure out what she wants, she realizes she's going to be part of the team as a wrestler instead. To prove to herself and everyone she's capable and she's worthy.

The book does an amazing job with the teenage experience with Jo going through the motions of being poorly treated as the "practice girl" despite all she's done for the wrestling team as their manager, figuring out her feelings for her best guy friend Sam, family relationships, and reconnecting with Leah, her former best friend as well as making new ones.

I also appreciate the diversity in the book, which was non-existent for a contemporary YA back when I was a teen. I really enjoyed reading this and I kept picturing it being a cute YA Netflix movie. The writing is fantastic and I love the sarcasm and quips between friends. I definitely recommend!