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Beckett is the team manager of the wrestling team. She used to be a wrestler herself, before her dad, the famous high school wrestling coach, died suddenly. Now she's the team manager, and one of the guys. But not quite.

The blurb and the editor's note said this was a book about misogyny, and 100% calling a girl (or anyone) "practice" is despicable, but Beck's own attitude towards the other girls who hung around the team was...not the best. I hope this changes, like Mara in "Like Other Girls" by Britta Lundin.

Anywho, despite the "not like other girls"/"one of the guys" tropes, I was engaged and wanted to keep reading. I was really intrigued by just what Beck's influence with Barney was, and if she was teaching kids on the sly...if so, that would be pretty awesome.