After I Finished This, I Whispered "Damn."

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The first 50 pages of this book are honestly a little heartbreaking.

We focus on a main character, Jo, who just wants love. She keeps hooking up with the guys on the wrestling team she manages because they seem interested in her (and, honestly, what other dating pool is she supposed to pick from?), only to find out that they only want to use her to see if they're good at sex and not actually because they're into her.

The main character also has to deal with her mom, who doesn't seem to care for her. I think I already have these two characters' relationship figured out, but I'm interested in seeing where it truly goes and whether I'm right. Her mom may see her as independent and uninterested in being cared for, when really the main character is seeking out exactly that in so many people around her.

My favorite sort of contemporaries are about girls in high school who are a little mean and don't have many friends. I love seeing their growth throughout the book and their journey of finding someone who actually cares for them, and this is book seems to fall under this very specific category. I'm definitely interested in reading the full thing and seeing where this book goes.