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Because of the way the book is written, you wouldn’t know that this is the third one in the series. The story begins with events that happened when this group of friends were in their late teens—seniors in high school. It then takes a huge jump to ten years later. I definitely wouldn’t feel as if I missed anything by starting with this one because I can’t imagine what I would have been left out from previous books.

The story lacked the excitement that I usually find in books like this. It didn’t grab me from the first page, and at times, I felt the conversations between the characters were, I don’t know, just a bit stilted and there is too much narration. I almost feel as if the narrator is the most important character! It would have been better if more of this background information came up in the conversations or there was more action involved with some of it.

Overall, I think the plot was a good one, and if you enjoy reading a quick book with a mystery and some romance thrown in, you might like this.