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This is a classic romance set in early 19th century England, amongst the moneyed classes. What’s really likeable about it straight away is the central character Lizzie Bennett who is both clever and funny, and who issues some great put downs. You feel instantly on her side, particularly in her initial dealings with the snooty Mr Darcy, though you can also sense there is something else going on there, and the highlight of the book is following how that relationship develops. He's a great character too, hard to figure out what he's about to start with but you gradually get to know him and see that there are some surprising sides to him.

The writing style is quite wordy and was hard to follow for a few pages but you soon get in the swing of it and realise how funny it is. It’s interesting to read particularly for the interplay of the different characters - five very different sisters, a pushy mother and some insufferable upper class twits. Plenty of romantic ups and downs along the way and plenty of surprises. I loved it!