A Really Good Book

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Sarah and her friends go into a haunted house and witness the unthinkable, forever changing their lives. Davey tries to warn everyone that the house is evil and the he senses something wrong. Davey, Sarah’s brother, ends up saving the day but the killer manages to get away. Sarah can’t get over what happens and ends up splitting from her high school love Tyler. Years later the killer is back and killing off the people who survived. Tyler comes back to protect Sarah and help her get to the bottom of things.

This is the third Finnigan Connection novel. You can definitely read this without reading the other books. I think the author did a good job filling with a little background of the supporting characters and how they know the main characters of the book.

I really enjoyed the story and found myself not wanting to put it down which isn’t good when it’s 1am and you have to get up at 6am. I finished the book in less than a day. The interactions between all the characters in the book were fun and I enjoyed the friendships made. I think this book leans more toward suspense then it does romance. The romance is there but it’s not center stage in this book but that seems to be fairly typical for Heather Graham’s books.