What is in the mist? Spooky Greatness!

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I read and enjoyed Rules for Vanishing (except for the ending which I felt was rushed) and so it was nice to get a chance to read this companion book. You don't need to have read the other book to understand this one. This story is all about Sophia Hayes aka Sophie Novak on her search for her mother who she thought died when she was three but seems not to be the case after all. Her search leads her to Bitter Rock where there are peculiar disappearances (I liked the records of those) and things in the mist. It is nicely creepy with the echoes and the weird red throated terns and I enjoyed traveling along with Sophia, Liam, and Abby on their search for answers to what had been found and why it was taking people.

I liked the theme of family in this book and what people will do to protect their loved ones. I do not feel like this ending was as rushed and I was satisfied with it. I am also looking forward to the next one!