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I really enjoyed this!

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This book was really good. I really enjoyed the characters and the relationship development between them. This book gave me some Stephen King The Mist vibes as well as some Jeepers Creepers Vides mixed together. I did find it a little hard to keep up with the different point of views and time frames. I also thought that it could of been shorten a little to maybe 300 pages instead of 400. But honestly that is the me being extremely picky. This book was really good This book really had its spooky moments and was creepy at times. Also like the hints of mystery that was in here for the most part although some of them was very easy to predict what was going to happen and then other times I was completely thrown off by some of the twist in this book. I cant say this enough about this book I fell in love with character Sophia. She is easily my top ten favorite character. I do recommend this book to those who like The Mist by Stephen King and Jeepers Creepers.