Haunting & Twisty

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Our Last Echoes is a haunting story with a clever twist on the urban legend trope of people going missing without a trace, think Roanoke style. When Sophia Novak ages out of the foster care system, she follows a tip from a girl named Abby; Abby tells her that everything Sophia thought she knew about her past was all a lie and if she wants the truth, she’ll have to travel to the remote island of Bitter Rock in Alaska. Under the guise of wanting to learn about terns, Sophia travels to the Landon Avian Research Center (LARC) where her mother, Joy once worked right before she died. There she meets a whole host of people, living and dead (Echoes), both leading her to a past she’s forgotten. Dangerously violent Echoes of those who’ve walked the island once before are seen in the mist and they want something from Sophia and they’ll stop at nothing to bring her in to their world to achieve their goal.

OLE is such an atmospheric and uniquely original story about lost legends and old worlds, Gods that came before and the people who would blindly try to free them not knowing the costs. Ms. Marshall brings the creep factor in a big way and I was here for it. Looking at my reflection in the mirror for a while will be a little unnerving and forget about this March fog we’ve got going on! The plot was quick and the characters easy to connect with and become emotionally invested in. OLE’s is one of those books where I really couldn’t foresee how it would end and the ending was filled with satisfying twists and also a bit of a cliffhanger that I am hoping will lead to an additional book!

All the stars for this supernatural horror story with a hint of magical realism that gave me all the chills I was looking for!