Chilling and entertaining from start to finish!

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If you love ghost stories or spooky local legend type tales, then you need to pick this book up. Our Last Echoes is the story of Sophia Novak. She’s a girl who has been told that her past happened one way, and has recently been informed that was all a lie. So in order to understand her past and her unusual present, she returns to the source, Bitter Rock island. Long rumored as haunted, and the place of many unsolved disappearances. Enter a handful of characters Sophia doesn’t know whether or not to trust, and a ton of unusual happenings and disappearances and you have OLE. I don’t want to go into too much detail, because discovering more and more as it unfolded is half the wonder of this story. This story is incredibly well written, and kept me curious from start to finish. If you enjoy spooky stories blended with a sort of YA coming of age, then you must pick this one up!