Lovely Inside and Out

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Ophelia After All is Lovely Inside and Out

I love so much about Ophelia After All, from the stunning sherbet orange and rose-strewn cover to the way this book gets to the heart of teen experiences and queer identities.

To start, I want to take a moment to soak in how lovely this cover is. YA illustrated covers are really knocking it out of the park lately, and Ophelia After All’s cover is no exception. This lovely cover perfectly captures the tone of the novel and what I envisioned Ophelia might look like. I also love how the flowers reinforce the themes of the story and transformative experience of discovering, exploring, and blooming into your identity.

Similarly, Racquel Marie‘s writing is lovely and matches the enchanting exterior. The prose is well written and the characters come alive off of the page — you truly feel for them, with pangs in your chest at pivotal moments. I will be rereading this one for sure and looking forward to what Racquel Marie writes next.