Hopeful for the Future

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Ophelia is a high school senior who loves hanging out with her good friends and tending to her rose garden. She's known for her boy-craziness and endless crushes. But who will be the lucky one to take her to prom?

So when Ophelia starts to have feelings for a girl... it kinda throws her for a loop.

This was such a heartfelt story that fills me with hope for the next generation. That they may have more understanding and grace in that stage of life, to be given the space to figure out who they are.

I loved Ophelia and her friends. She was able to navigate her feelings and was met with acceptance. It was encouraging that all of her friends were able to relate, having wondered about their own sexual preferences as well. Even though they were all under wraps, they all came spilling out after Ophelia opened up about her own experiences.

I hope teens find comfort in this, or take note of how to react in a loving way with someone who is questioning.