Amazing, Real, Messy, Wonderful

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I had the privilege of reading Ophelia After All early, and it quickly rose to the very top of my favorite reads of the year. Everything about this book, from the main character's interest in cultivating roses to the multitude of queer representation to the messy decisions made while figuring things out, felt fresh and unique.

Ophelia's slow realization about her sexuality feels realistic and relatable for teens, and I like that she is allowed to make bad decisions and have fights with friends and push people away during this process, and still be loved by the people close to her.

While Ophelia is the main character, the cast of secondary characters is amazing as well-I love the development of closer, stronger friendships with people who were on the periphery of her friend group.

I also really liked that Ophelia doesn't have a true love style happy ending at the conclusion of the book-I think this is also realistic for teens to see, because many relationships that take place in high school aren't lifelong relationships, and that's perfectly okay.

An amazing realistic story about figuring out who you are that should be handed to all teens!