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Wow! This was such a lovely, thoughtful, and nuanced coming of age story about a mixed Cuban American girl discovering her queerness in the final months of high school. Ophelia is a hopeless romantic constantly crushing on a new boy--but when she starts crushing on a girl, she begins to question everything she thought she knew about herself.

Ophelia After All is about questioning your identity and rebelling against expectations. It really captures how scary it can be to realize you don't fit into the box you put yourself in, or that everyone in your life expects you to fit into. Ophelia was such a messy, relatable teen character who is struggling to figure herself out and to accept that there's no deadline to do that.

I loved Ophelia's friend group and the arc of her personal growth throughout the book. Honestly, I'm so impressed that this was a debut novel! I absolutely loved it and I'm really looking forward to more from Racquel Marie.