A beautiful book about finding yourself

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"Boys left me with a broken heart. But at least they left me with something."

This was truly a beautiful book. A book about finding yourself and making mistakes and growing up. I could see how there are a lot of people out there that could use a book like this. A way to help give yourself acceptance. Now I can't pretend that I can relate to the issues Ophelia deals with in this book, so I won't try. But I do know there are many people out there that could.

"But I have to forget about those expectations. I have to think about what I want now. Whatever that is."

I did like this book, a lot actually. It was very unique and special and a sweet little book to read. Super easy to just glide through. But at times I got annoyed with the petty drama of high school. It is probably because even though I am currently in high school, I have been homeschooled the last 3 years because of Covid so as a current Junior I haven't dealt with any high school drama and find it really tedious to read about. 🤷‍♀️

"[I] sink back into bed, losing myself in talking to the girl who makes everything else - every fear and worry weighing on my chest - feel a million miles away."

I liked the ending, but I wish we could have gotten to see the prom, or see what happened to Ophelia her first year in college. Can't have it all though.

"Of course. It doesn't even cross her mind that I might have had a good reason for doing what I did. Because maybe I'm well - behaved, get the grades my parents want, don't stay out too late or drink at the few parties I attend. But at the end of the day, I'm still me. Still boy-crazy Ophelia. And that negates everything else about me. That's my reigning personality trait, I suppose."

Overall, I think this was a beautiful book of a journey about a girl in high school finding herself.