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This is my new favorite romance/young fiction book! Mr. Williams did an excellent job with the formation of Gene's character. I loved how "open heart" was not only about love but also about cardiologists and all the work that comes when repairing a heart. It works as a metaphor because you need focus, patience, and confidence to repair both a heart with a malfunction and a broken heart from love. The story had continuous surprises that made me feel empathy for the many people that suffer from loss and guilt. I truly loved how the ending showed the maturity of Gene from all the experiences and his rebuilt friendship with Patty.
As I read more from the author, Gregory Williams, I saw that he portrayed himself in Gene's character with the summer painting trees and his work as an anesthesiologist. To know that this book is his legacy really puts tears of joy in my eyes since I have been reading a masterpiece of someone with a kind heart.
Will definitely be checking out his other books.