Thrilling from beginning to end

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*Thank you to Razorbill and BookishFirst for this Arc in exchange for an honest review*

I fell in love with Ginny Meyers Sain’s writing with Dark and Shallow Lies it was so captivating from beginning to end. I felt the same way with her latest book One Last Breath. This story is such a heart stopping thriller centered around a cold-blooded double murder over 20 years ago. That’s all anyone talks about in the small town of Mount Orange Florida. Two popular students Bailey and Celeste were murdered by a notorious serial killer lurking around Florida. For the residents of the town especially Trulee the murders have always haunted her.

Made worse by the death her sister Dani. It changed her family’s life forever. Her mom’s life altered forever. Dominated now by drinking to fill the void. Tru’s boyfriend East was my favorite I loved him so much and Tru pay him any attention not ever since the mysterious new comer Rio came to town. No one knows what to make of her but Tru is instantly drawn to her because she like Tru is a free diver. Theirs is an instant connection between the two girls. The brutal murder of the two girls will draw them even closer together.

I also really enjoyed Tru’s boss Jon Boy his name being silly and very memorable. He is the nerd that runs the town’s local newspaper that Tru works at. There she would get an even closer look at the brutal murders via horrific crime scene photos. So much so that it would become a growing obsession that she was determined to finally solve. Rio she noticed knew a lot about the murders and she has a shocking secret. She believes she and Tru are connected to the murdered girls.

That would lead she and Rio to uncover horrifying facts about those in the town and what really happened 20 years ago. Without giving too much away this is a story about murder, liars, reincarnation and uncovering long buried secrets of the dead.