The Atmosphere

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I struggle to deliver a rating. Though there were parts of the story that had me turning pages, there were other parts that felt a bit lacking. Overall, this is a good book, and has a great ending, but I hoped for just a bit more. perhaps it's less of a slow burn I want.

The atmosphere of this book is one of its strong points. It is all encompassing and sometimes made me feel restricted (in a good way since I was reading a thriller.) The characters are easy to identify and connect with and are memorable. What seemed to pull me from the story though, was the pacing. It was just a bit too slow for my taste.

I'm not a huge fan of young adult stories, but this was still relatable. I love a story, especially a mystery, with a small town vibe and interesting townsfolk.

One of the things I most certainly want while reading a mystery is for it to NOT be predictable. I want to be surprised and be a bit in the dark - and this one succeeds here.