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Two things make Mount Orange, Florida famous: clear freshwater springs, great for free divers who aren't afraid of anything. And the gruesome murder twenty years ago of best friends, Bailey and Celeste.

The murders cast a darkness over Mount Orange and Tru has always lived in that shadow. In the fall, she is supposed to head to FSU with her boyfriend, but the unsolved murders - and the death of her own sister - invade her every thought. She can only breathe when she is in the dark deep of Hidden Glen Springs.

When Rio, a strange girl hell-bent on solving the murders of Bailey and Celeste, shows up in town, Tru can't resist joining the thrill of solving the decades old mystery any more than she can resist her familiar, aching attraction to Rio.

As the summer heats up, so does the spark between Rio and Tru...along with their other-worldy connection to Bailey and Celeste. However, they are convinced the killer is back in town when someone starts to stalk them. And if they keep digging into the past, Tru and Rio know this time, it could be their blood that makes the springs run red.

Some of the twists are decent but for the most part, I wasn't a fan of the storyline. Felt a bit cheesy to me.