A Surprise Hit!

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I love a good serial killer thriller so I was excited when I won a copy of this one! I had high hopes based on the synopsis, but was also skeptical because I don’t tend to like a lot of YA thrillers.

Ultimately, I got so sucked into Tru’s world that I couldn’t help but love this! The characters were so well-developed and the serial killer plot was suspenseful and creepy. Usually I don’t like romance in my thrillers, but I didn’t mind it in this one for some reason. The mystery provided a suspense that pulsated in the background throughout the entire book. I loved the supernatural element that was woven in too! It was unexpected, but done very well.

I’m so thankful I won this one because otherwise, I probably never would have read it! Thank you to BookishFirst and the publisher. I highly recommend this compelling novel to thriller readers of any age.