Magical Realism Has Become My Thing

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Right off the hop I need to address how beautiful the writing of this book is. It’s hauntingly beautiful. Diane Setterfield, you have officially became an auto buy author for me because of this reason.
The storyline was incredible. I was pulled in right from the beginning. The suspense that she used with one simple sentence: “something is going to happen” sends chills down my spine.
The weaving of several storylines was magnificently done: The Swan Inn (where storytelling thrives), Mr. Armstrong (an honest farmer and his loving family), The Vaughan’s (a grieving family with a missing child), Lily White (an isolated woman with a haunting past), and Rita Sunday (a well educated nurse).
The main story takes place alongside the Thames river, where a man finds a drowned 4-year-old. Who does the child belong to? Is it Amelia Vaughan that has been missing for 2 years? Or is it Alice Armstrong who has just recently went missing?
This historical fiction with magical realism is my first 5-star rating of the year and it deserved it! I highly recommend this book.