Loved it!

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There are times when you come across a book that warms you to the bone, but those books are far and few. I cannot even begin to put into words how this book made me feel once I finished it. I have read mixed reviews regarding the complexity of the plot and characters. I personally didn't feel lost or overwhelmed. In fact, I loved that there were so many characters and that they all played a part in the story. Each character seemed to have an integral part to play and it all melded together perfectly at the end. It was quite the mystery as well for those who enjoy sleuthing. There was a series of events, each with it's own mystery that kept me hooked! I wouldn't say there was one main character who carried the book but there were definitely favorites. Especially, the pet pigs! I loved how they had their own personalities brought to life. Sometimes books will be great throughout the beginning and middle and somehow just miss it at the end. This ending was one of the best endings I have ever read! I would undoubtedly have been succumbed into a book hangover had it not been for the sole reason that I tend to read multiple books at a time.