Liked this one!

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I liked this book, but I didnt love it. It's set on the Thames River in the 1800s and follows a little girl, and the person who found her, and the families that try to claim her while they search for her parents and try to figure out where she belongs. This is not a straightforward tale; it's a story about stories and the telling of them, and the power that a well-told story can have. Almost all of the characters are good people (but of course not all of them are, because what's a story without a villain or two?), and most of these good people want to do the right thing and get this little girl where she belongs.

I liked this story. It was a long, lazy tale that kind of wandered at its own magical pace. If you like stories, and don't mind spending some time hearing one, pick this book up. You won't regret it.