Extraordinary Tale

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I’ve had such mixed feelings about this book. At times it was five stars for me. I know people will love it. But I found myself having trouble staying engaged with the tale. I’ll get the negative part out of the way. I felt it was too long and there were so many characters. It would start off with a tale then carry into another where at times I forgot what I was reading about. I didn’t finish it but I am going to because I really want to know, not only about the girl, but all the characters and what takes place in their lives.

So now for the positive. This author is AMAZING with story telling. Her writing is so poetic with pretty flowing of words. So much description done with flowery words and phrases, enough that it makes you want to know more. The story is so unique, unlike any I have read. It made me feel nostalgic for the fairy tales I heard and read as a child, except, this one is a fairytale for adults. It’s so magical with magical things taking place on the river. That was my favorite part. I would so love to see this author write a paranormal romance or fantasy novel. I know it would be the best ever!

**I received a copy from BookishFirst**