A story you will never forget

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As a big fan of The Thirteenth Tale this release was one of my top anticipated releases for 2018. Fans, I am happy to say that it does NOT disappoint.

Once Upon a River is a magical, beautiful and unforgettable tale. Be prepared to be transported to a river that takes you on a fairy-tale journey you won’t soon forget. The river is not only the setting but also a character in this story. Each of the characters are so unique with a story of their own. I became invested in each of them and could not turn the pages fast enough.

Needing a kick in the pants to start a 450-page book, I put together a buddy read with some of my favorite book buddies. Not everyone has finished but I must say that this is a fantastic one to buddy read. Highly recommend having someone to talk to as you read this story. I would not have known that Swan Inn is actually a real place situated along the Thames river. Look it up! It’s a bed and breakfast. Who wants to go?!

Although it got off to a bit of a slow and complicated start, I was completely swept up in the story at the ¼ mark and finished the rest over the next 24 hours. I could NOT put this down. Reminiscent of my recent read The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton, we have more than our fair share of characters to keep straight. Part 2 does set us straight with most of them and as the story continues, we learn they each play an important role to the story.

This story leaves you with an ending that is like a kiss and sweet tuck in goodnight.

4 ½ stars