A slooow moving river

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So, I received an advanced copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review. And that is exactly what I'll give you here.

This book is gorgeous, the writing is fantastic, the story is fun and like the fairy tales I loved as a kid, but the journey from start to finish is realllly slow. I hate to think of all the work that goes into writing something so fantastic, and I imagine I am getting a little less patient with wordy, descriptive books, AND the genre of this one might be a bit out of my comfort zone... but I just really felt like it was dragging a lot, like the slow moving river that is basically the main character in this story.

The story is about this little girl who is pulled from the river one night and is dead. But then, she is alive and holy moly, it's a miracle! But who is she? And why won't she speak? Cue all the people claiming her as theirs, and she gives no indication as to who is her true family. So, we have a HUGE cast of characters, a ton of back stories, and a lot to follow, a pretty bland mystery, and still, all the while, being, very, very slow.

I DO think the book is beautiful. Just not for me. I'd love to try The Thirteenth Tale and see if I like that one.