The death of me

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This book is going to be the death of me.I can’t explain how much I adore steamy books .They are my go to books.that’s how my book obsession started.This book screams tension with both characters.I really also like how the just got into the story.I will lock myself in my room and reads this all day.I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read the whole story.I know I am going to love this book because It just seems so steamy.And let’s not talk about how hot this guy looks in my mind.I love to break my heart knowing I won’t ever find one like that.However a girl can dream.I really like how the author is not afraid to describe everything so deliciously.I am for sure going to buy this book to add to my collection of book even though I don’t need anymore.You can never have enough books.I am just in awe by this book and their story can’t wait to read and fall in love with them.